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Handpicked fashion


We     vintage




We love what we are doing

  We are deeply passionated dedicated and slightly obsessed in second hand and vintage and we love what we are doing


 Empower your look with edgy second hand and vintage pieces. Personalize your wardrobe to fit your conscious style.

 we belive that fashion and sustainability can walk hand in hand.

Carefully Handpicked

for us it's important to be updated in trends , color and fashion and that our clothes are in good condition no stains no heavy smell.


We look at every piece thoroughly before it hits the shop. We are proud of what we are doing and we will never sell anything that is not authentic. 

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What can you find?

We handpick modern secondhand from Scandinavian designers, international designers and high-end luxury brands together with design vintage and unsigned vintage. 


Jointly for many of these items are that they are unique, special, has a high quality and often their own story. They will sustain as long as we take good care of them. 

Some labels and brands:

Gucci, Stine Goya, Missoni, YSL, Givenchy, Iro, Hugo Boss, Marni, Carven, Acne, Malene Birger, DVF, Zara, Bikbok, Villa, Object, Just Female, Celine, Claude Montana, Moschino and Mulberry among others. 

 Personalize  your wardrobe  to  fit your  conscious  style

Stand out pieces & amazing stories

We always look for that special and unique stand out piece when we handpick clothes. 

We love a bit of glam

Imagine clothes that have an incredible quality or stunning details, and an amazing history.

You can find a bit of glam and edge with us along with modern secondhand. Why not flip it and mix it? We also collaborate with different exciting huge private wardrobes that become circular wardrobes with us.

Do you have a special or rare item in very good condition?

A stand out piece you want to sell? Contact us

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