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      i SUSTAIN 

Welcome to i SUSTAIN

i SUSTAIN is an environmentally focused concept of sale of modern secondhand and design vintageshoes, bags and accessories for the eco friendly

and fashion oriented loving customer. To buy second hand is a good choice for our environment and we believe that circular and sustainable choices is the future.


Meet us in our Instagram shop i_sustain

We collaborate with other shops where 

I SUSTAN delivers handpicked modern secondhand clothes and design more under collaboration. 

 i SUSTAIN vill inspirere og empower mennesker til å vare seg selve uansett hva andre mener gjennom å  finne sin personlige stil. 


Read more below about how owner Elizabeth´s passion for second hand and vintage has grown together with an environmental thought where fashion and sustainability can walk hand in hand. 

 Elizabeth´s mother, Solveig, often arranged for her daughter to have tailor made dresses. Skilled friends and sisters of her made dresses for special occasions for Elizabeth.


When being just a little girl, Elizabeth remembers the days going to buy fabrics and afterwards standing on a chair getting the dress fitted in aunt Elly´s living room. It was during this time Elizabeth´s passionated interest from clothes was born. Today, Elizabeth´s daughter, Izabell, uses some of the dresses tailor-made for Elizabeth as girl.


During a longer stay in Asia in connection with work, Elizabeth designed and had dresses tailored for herself and others.


When getting back to Scandinavia after the years abroad she decided to look for opportunities to work more actively with clothes. Elizabeth studied fashion history, styling and and design. She started a business within guided shopping with customers experiences as a main focus.

During this time,Elizabeth saw an increased interest for environmentally -friendly shopping alternatives from the customers. 

Elizabeth´s interest in secondhand and vintage has always been present

and as specific requests from customers within this area the idea of i SUSTAIN was born. A business that makes a difference with focus on secondhand, vintage and sustainable shopping. 

Elizabeth wanted to further develop and educated herself as stylist and personal shopper in Stockholm. The idea of i SUSTAIN continued to live and after a late night with good talks about our environment with friends and family, Elizabeth decided to establish


- When I started i SUSTAN I wanted to make a difference for real - for the environment  I heard so many say that they want to change the environment. Often it just became words and no action - so I decide to do something.

it became i SUSTAIN 

"Everybody can't do everything, but we can all do something together" 

I have always been fascinated with personal styles that have something extra. Through  iSUSTAIN, I want to inspirer and empower all humans to be themselves, no matter what other people think. Today, many people come to the shop 15 min before closing time and say: Please help me find an amazing outfit. I want to shine, I want to be extra. That is touching and beautiful.

Dare to be you!

Love Elizabeth

CEO & Fashion director 


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