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Circulate Secondhand

Update your clothes & wardrobe whitout consuming new produced clothes 

Build a more sustainable future for fashion

               sustain your clothes


Circular mindset


i SUSTAIN contributes to a circular economy and fashion. At i SUSTAIN you can support the circular mindset, by shopping and selling sustainable.


Resell, Reuse, Rediscover. i SUSTAIN want to contribute building a more sustainable future for fashion.

We want to create a circular fashion that is sustainable for both customers, environment and economy. 

We do that by something we call "sustain your clothes" :

i SUSTAIN strives to have a circular mindset, where you as a customer can deliver your clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, coats, dresses and accessorize for sale. 

If your items get sold you have a possibility to use your commission to buy "new" clothes in the store. 

This gives you a great opportunity to update your wardrobe without consuming new produced clothes  -  take part and sustain your clothes and your wardrobe.

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