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& Collaborations


We collaborate

Good for the enviroment

and sustain business & YOURE private


Good for business


Sell with I SUSTAIN...


and make a difference for our environment.

Help us circulate secondhand and vintage and make it accessible, and a sustainable option for everyone.

What we do

We have pop - up shop from time to time. 

Are you interested in having  POP-UP shop in your shopping center, shop or another exciting place? Contact us.

We collaborate with other shops where I SUSTAIN delivers 

handpicked modern secondhand clothes and design vintage, with tags on, nicely and fully steamed, ready to hang on clothing racket as a luxury fashion side-kick to your other assortment.

How it works

 We provide modern carefully handpicked second hand & design vintage based on current trends and season to your shop or business. Get in contact with us for more information.


Why Choose us?

we offer....


- i SUSTAIN is an environmentally focused concept for the environmentally friendly and fashion loving customer.

-We represent a development within shopping that is both necessary and alined with the growing focus on the environmental challenges the shopping industry faces.

-We can be an eye-catcher in most places .We make your store, shopping center or event, stand out and differ from others. 

-We are deeply passionated and dedicated in what we do and we love working with vintage and secondhand.

- We want to spread good vibes and give people a positive experience of second hand and vintage. We want to be where people are.











We support to have fun. Consider us for your next pop- up store.

Send us a mail


Are you looking for a collaboration with other entrepreneurs that can strengthen your business and at the same time have more fun at work. Contact us and have chat about vintage and secondhand.

We are always looking for a good collaboration with serious partners. For us it doesn´t matter if you are a well established or a start-up business. If you are interested - contact us for more information. 

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